Email Encryption


You use email constantly throughout the day to conduct your business. Are you putting your, or your client’s, sensitive information at risk?

Keep confidential and personal information safe with email encryption. Our system is easy to use, quick to set up, affordable—and essential!

Email encryption allows you to communicate even the most sensitive information through email – thereby protecting you, the recipient and the private information of the individual included in the content of the message. But most encryption services are, frankly, a pain to use and put a strain on your machines. RCS Consulting now offers the email encryption technology that combines universal accessibility with ease-of-use.

The benefits of our email encryption system include:

Easy to Set Up and Administer

We can implement message-level encryption in two easy steps and be up and running in minutes. RCS transparently manages key creation, distribution, and retention, as well as recipient user management.

Runs on All Email Platforms

Messages encrypted using our encryption system can be opened by any AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail user, as well as by traditional enterprise email clients such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Groupwise.

Simple to Use

You can encrypt only the messages you need to in a variety of automatic or easy ways: by including a keyword in your subject line, by creating a list of recipients’ email addresses or domain addresses, or by using a list of keywords in content (Social Security Number, address, etc.), either creating your own customized list or taking advantage of existing lists that satisfy HIPAA and other regulations.

Won’t Slow Down Your Computer

Many other in-house solutions require a software application be installed on your local PC or laptop, which affects memory and processing time. Ours does not. Our internal computer systems handle all of the processing, so using our encryption will not slow down your computer.

Gives You Total Email Control

Unlike other email encryption solutions, ours allows the sender to remain in full control of content—even after it’s been sent. With our system, senders don’t have to fear mistyped recipient addresses, mistakes in content, or time-sensitive emails, because they always have the option to lock the message.

Satisfies Regulatory Compliance

Our email encryption system satisfies the encryption requirements for regulatory requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA—as well as state privacy regulations and European directives—without being a burden on the senders, recipients, or email administrators.

Using email encryption protects you, your clients, and your business.

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