Disaster Recovery

A comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) should include procedures to address business continuity, information technology, voice communication, personnel and other critical functions that are specific to a business – it’s not just about good backups!  Onsite and cloud based backups play an important role in any DRP, but they are only pieces of the puzzle.

We can help you design a DRP that includes information technology.  A DRP is a multi-step process designed to identify and address:

  • Critical jobs necessary to bring your business back online.
  • Office equipment required, such as desks, chairs, office supplies, computers, software, telephones, etc.
  • Supporting equipment, such as servers, server software, data backups, both onsite and offsite, telephone system, cash for operations.
  • Alternate office space for relocation.
  • Insurance to cover the costs associated with the catastrophic event and budgets to cover the shortfalls and time between the event and reimbursement from the insurance coverage.
  • Offsite replication of data (see our online backups).
  • Document the plan
  • Assign key personnel to carry out the plan
  • Store the plan offsite.
  • Share it with key personnel.

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