After reviewing your needs and designing the hardware and software required to meet those needs, we will provide installation services to insure compatibility and proper performance.

Multi-Platform Integration

Do you have an existing Linux or Macintosh environment? It’s not a problem to incorporate Windows into your system. Interoperation with Mac clients allows the connection to and use of a Windows server for file and print sharing. Linux can interact with a Windows environment, too. As file, web and firewall servers, Linux can compliment any network design.

Proof of Concept

Depending on the installation requirements, new systems can undergo concept testing before being deployed in a live environment. Our simulation process is designed to check your system for potential bugs or bottlenecks through a rigorous set of load and service tests.

Internet Connections

Are you simply trying to connect your Local Area Network (LAN) to the Internet so that you can take advantage of the wealth of information and services available but don’t know how? Or, are you looking to host your own web site or provide other Internet based services to make your products and services known?

We’ll tell you what it takes to accomplish your goals. No matter whether it’s servers, switches, routers, wireless technologies or fiber optics, we can design and assist in the procurement of equipment to get you connected. We’ll help you with registering a domain name and set up DNS for you. And, we’ll securely connect you to the Internet and configure your services.

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