Email Archiving


Email Archiving can be used to provide E-Discovery and mailbox storage management or Regulatory Compliance.  In cases where Regulatory Compliance isn’t a requirement, Email Archiving is an effective tool for securely storing messages, calendar items, Contacts and Tasks  that do not need to be accessed often, thereby reducing the size of the mailbox, improving performance and eliminating the need for personal store (PST) files.

The traditional method of archiving through Outlook has been to create PST files that can be stored on a hard drive, USB device or file shares where security is always a concern.  A lost laptop or USB device could expose sensitive data to anyone who might find the device. Laptop and PC hard drives are prone to failure which can result in lost data if there aren’t active backup strategies in place to prevent data loss. Email Archiving through Exchange, which integrates the archive in an Exchange database, provides much better security along with the ability to run E-Discovery or the application of retention policies.

If your organization is required to meet Regulatory Compliance, typically federal or state agencies, financial services or brokerage firms, banks, publicly traded companies or medical institutions, Compliance archiving captures copies of all inbound and outbound emails, while preserving the full header information.  Retention policies can be applied to a user’s mailbox that can move messages that meet certain criteria to an archive mailbox where they can be held for a defined period, including indefinite.  A Legal Hold can be placed on an archive, preventing the accidental or intentional deletion of messages.

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