Wireless Networks

We’ll design a secure Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) that will provide Internet access for your staff who require access to network resources and the Internet for browsing or email. WLANs are a convenient way to allow access from locations where there is wireless coverage, providing mobility within your organization that isn’t always available with a wired Local Area Network (LAN).  Because wiring costs are reduced significantly, Wireless Networks can be a cost-effective solution for rapidly expanding your network.

Some of the steps we’ll take to secure your WLAN are:

  • Use the strongest encryption available, WPA v2, to encrypt your connection session.
  • Implement SSID hiding so that your WLAN ID is not broadcast.
  • MAC ID filtering so that only known, pre-approved devices can connect to your WLAN.

We can also configure a guest WLAN in a DMZ, to allow guest access for partners or clients to the Internet for browsing and email without compromising your network security.

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