It’s here – Exchange 2016!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Hosted Exchange 2016!. We are in the process of migrating all existing users and deploying to new users. Stay tuned!
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Managed Services

Being a silent partner in the background of your entire network is what allows us to provide best-in-class support services for the systems we install or for existing systems, whether they’re Windows, Mac, or Linux.

With Managed Services you enjoy:

  • State-of-the-art real-time network monitoring of your entire network. We run scripts in the background 24 hours a day to identify potential problems and take corrective action in advance of system failures.
  • A fixed monthly cost that allows you to set a budget for your recurring IT needs rather than live in a Break/Fix environment, in which you need to guess what your annual expenses will be.
  • Increased employee productivity. You’ll maximize office productivity by minimizing interruptions of your employees’ work time.
    • We can schedule critical updates and patches for operating systems and some third party applications (such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Java) and any required reboots on machines off-hours and on a more timely basis so workers aren’t interrupted.
    • We can remotely run preventive maintenance on machines, keeping your systems in the best running condition possible.
  • An all-inclusive* management and support system, one package for all your needs, including:
    • Managed local back-ups, where we back-up your data to a local device (tape, removable drives, etc.)
    • Managed remote or offsite back-ups, where we back-up your data to our offsite data center for ultimate security
    • Managed anti-virus solutions, where we schedule and track anti-virus scans and keep track of security updates for anti-virus
    • Managed mobile devices, where we can locate a lost device, lock that devise, password-protect a device, or remotely wipe a device.
    • Operating system and hardware monitoring
    • Application software monitoring and maintenance
    • Security monitoring
    • Fully automated patch management
  • Automation of numerous policies, which keeps your system in tip-top shape without interrupting you.
    • Change management
    • Compliance
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*Doesn’t cover catastrophic failures